Many people who watch sci-fi film a lot may be familiar with the idea of using brain to control devices or even people. In fact, this have been partly done thanks to developments in neuroscience and computational methods. Of course, till now, scientists have not yet pioneered any technology which can be able to be used to control other people. But at least, Brain-Computer interface (BCI) – a recently developed technology relating to the classification of brain waves – helps us to control some electrical and electronic devices, which bring sharp benefits to people, especially the disabled one. For example, the disabled can use BCI to activate their wheel chair or switch some household devices like TV, air conditioner, etc. without any help from others. On the other hand, BCI technology can also be used for educational purposes or analyzing decision making of customers in fields of economy such as sale and marketing, too name but a few. From these, it can be said that, BCI has been becoming one of sexiest disciplines in the world, along with machine learning and internet-of-things trends.

Limitations notwithstanding, BCI still is an awesome technology in the belief that, by which, we can make superpowers real or become superheroes in the near future. With this belief, I tried to convince my professor to allow me to build a non-invasive BCI system for my thesis, and after a while of deliberation, he agreed. The result is showed in the video below.


From an old story,

Curious Chick


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