Yesterday, my friend told me to sent him my photograph. But which? Portrait or something? “Whatever you want!” said he. And today, he sent to me another picture.


Fig. 1 This is my first painting

This picture was drawn by a drawing robot which is his thesis.

Thank you Mr. L for my first painting.


Good luck with the thesis defense on the late June!

Curious Chick



Actually, this is not the first time I join in a blog page. In the past, I used to write a lot in Yahoo 360 Blog, well, … kinda social story about teenager. After its collapse, I have turned to Facebook and stopped writing blog for a long while and no plan to return to any blog world.

However, when I was working on a new project yesterday, Mr.T suggested that I should set up a new blog to talk about technology and share what I have done during my university period. Thank to that great idea. Today, I make a new one on WordPress page. Just like a long-held belief in programming world, I hope that sending a “Hello” message will bring me luck.


Hello Word…press

Curious Chick