Last week, I and my friend made a trip to Singapore – one of the most beautiful country in the world.

Honestly, we made a team including four people and expected to travel to the North of Vietnam at first. However, twos in our team got busy. On the other hand, there was a storm which was striking our country in the North (Winter was coming!!!!!), so I and my friend decided to go to a country outside of Vietnam. Before the trip, we agreed that the country that we travel should be in South-East Asia because this is a short trip which was made in hurry, we didn’t have enough time to apply for visa. After a thorough review, we chose Singapore as the first foreign country that we visited.

We planed for four-day trip in Singapore and booked airline tickets, hostel, and some amusement parks online in advance. Because, as you know, Singapore is the country that welcome thousand tourists everyday, so, if you don’t wanna struggle to find a room or stay in line with hundreds of people to buy a ticket you should buy tickets online. Besides, if you have a plan trip and some tickets booked in advance, it will be easier for you to get entry to Singapore from the immigration airport.


We began early at 6.00am to go to Tan Son Nhat international airport and check-in boarding pass. After that we waited for a while, got into the plane and it took off at 9.50am. Usually, it takes about 1 hour and 40 minutes to fly from Vietnam to Singapore and our plane landed in Changi international airport at nearly 12.00pm. What a beautiful airport! I can’t even imagine any other airports can be as splendid as it. Lots of massage chairs are put around to serve passengers, there are many flowers are planted on the wall, many art sculptures are placed along the way, etc. Actually, I thought it’s like a park rather than an airport.


Changi airport

We chose MRT as a main transport to travel around Singapore, the cost is not expensive and we can buy EZ or NETs FlatPay card at any stores in the airport to use it. Normally, we paid about 8 SGD a day for this.


NETs FlatPay card

From Terminal 3 of the airport, we got into the city using MRT to check-in the hostel. The hostel we booked online located on Chinatown, it costed 20 SGD per day. It’s very cheap as it’s kind of Dorm services in Singapore. For most travelers, Dorm is the best option to adopt because it can save their budget for other purposes and why we should hire a luxury hotel just to sleep?

After check-in at the hostel, we went to Raffle Place to go to Marina Bay by walking. It’s so so beautiful, and I got an indescribable feeling when I was there. Actually, it’s very hot in Singapore on July, but when we was going to the bay, the atmosphere there was different, till now, when I’m writing these lines, I have still felt the wind on my skin. The charm of the bay is one of reason make us came back to it every night.

Photo 16 29 35, 17-07-2017

Merlion at Marina Bay

Photo 16 36 47, 17-07-2017 (1)

Merlion at Marina Bay 2

About 6.00pm, we took the MRT to Ang Mo Kio and took the bus 138 there to visit Night Safari.

Our first day ended at 10.30pm when we came back to the hostel.


On the second day in Singapore, as planed before, we spent all days to visit Sentosa Island. Actually, we used most time to play around Universal Studios Singapore.

Photo 07 43 18, 18-07-2017 (1)

Universal Studios Singapore

There was a painful experience that DON’T HESITATE TO PAY MORE MONEY FOR EXPRESS TICKETS unless you want to stay in line with hundreds of people for hours just to play a small game.

Another thing is, if you have plan to go to USS, don’t forget to visit Steven Spielberg movie room (in New York road) and Water World (near Jurassic Park).


Scifi area at USS


Mystery Egypt


Water World

At the afternoon, we went to SEA Aquarium.


SEA Aquarium


SEA Aquarium 2


SEA Aquarium 3

And sat in Marina Bay at night to listen to water music on the side of Marina Sand Bay.

Photo 18 45 17, 18-07-2017

Night at Marina Bay

Photo 19 01 27, 18-07-2017 (1)

Night at Marina Bay 2


On the third day, we decided to visit Garden by the Bay.

Photo 07 48 18, 19-07-2017 (1)

Dragonfly garden

Photo 08 12 20, 19-07-2017 (1)

The sky forest

Photo 08 45 08, 19-07-2017

The flower dome

At the afternoon, we went to Art Science Museum.


A copyright of “Principia” at Art Science Museum


Art Science Museum

And visit Marina Sand Bay.


At DC commic store


At DC commic store 2

About 6.30pm, we came back to Garden by the Bay to enjoy Super Tree Rhapsody. The Rhapsody often begins at 7.00pm and end up after 15 minutes. So, if you go to Singapore, don’t forget the time of Rhapsody. It will be a memorable experience for you.


SuperTree Rhasody


SuperTree Rhasody 2


On the final day, we went to Kinokuniya which is the largest bookstore in Singapore, bought some good books and came back to the hostel to check-out at 12.00pm.


On the way to the book store

Then, we went to the airport to come back to Vietnam.

It is really a fantastic trip that left lots of memories on me and my friend. Good bye Singapore and see you again!

From an unforgettable experience,

Curious Chick